Saturday, February 16, 2013

The End Is Here

Attention All Nautilus Engineers! 

It is with sadness that I announce the end of our little experiment in internet publishing that we called The Nautilus Engine.  We've had some terrific fiction over the years and I am very grateful to all the contributors and the readers.  However, it has proven difficult to promote the site and I know that it has not reached as much of an audience as I would have hoped.  

For those who were first published here or for those to whom it was another notch in the bedpost, I hope it garnered you some new readers and hopefully contributed to furthering your writing efforts.  I thank you all for tuning in and now we must bid you adieu. 

Special thanks to Christian Klaver, Janine Beaulieu, and Heath Lowrance, founders, contributors, sponsors, and inspirations all.  

May your dreams be filled with steampunk fantasy and your days be filled with awe in the wonders of reality, often stranger and more beautiful than fiction.   ~R

1 comment:

  1. TNE was one of the first places that accepted my work. It was hugely gratifying to see that someone thought my writing "good enough" to publish on their site. I'll miss this place! I'm sorry things didn't work out. Good luck to you all.

    Ken Muise