Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dig Ten Graves by Lowrance on sale for a short time

Dig Ten Graves only 99 cents (but only for three more days)!

I just got mine and re-reading "It Will All Be Carried Away" took me to a dark, melancholy place that I never want to be in real life, but hits you hard in fiction.  I've already read most, or all, of these stories, and at least one first saw the light of day here in the Naut, but I'm excited to re-read them all.  Lowrance's writing has the one thing every really great writer manages to convey in the work, and that is a sense of the genuine. Lowrance either lived it or has a super-power level of empathy/sympathy when donning his characters to speak from inside their hearts and souls and often their dark subconscious.

This is a lot of catharsis for less than a buck.  Get yours here.

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