Thursday, June 28, 2012

Carole A. Ward -- Professional Writing/Editing Services


 Need a writer, ghostwriter, editor, or proofreader? Carole A. Ward is a professional writer/editor/proofreader.  I can't stress enough how much you should have a set of objective eyes look over your work before submission to publishers.  Even with the myriad of self-publishing options available today, your work will look amateur if released with problems (everything from the obvious spelling and grammar, to bigger issues of continuity and plot holes).

Carole's work has appeared in online and print publications, blogs, published tomes and the occasional cereal box (written in her own hand with a red pen - we all have our hobbies, don't we.)

If you have a need for the services of the pen, I urge you to consider Carole A. Ward.  After her gentle ministrations, your work will shine like the morning dew!

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