Tuesday, August 9, 2011

review: The Bastard Hand by Heath Lowrance

The Bastard Hand by Heath Lowrance (New Pulp Press) is a beautifully gritty blend of pulp and noir in a tidy southern gothic package. Charlie Wesley has some personal issues, but the right Reverend Phineas Childe -- hang onto your hat! This man of the cloth is like none you have seen before. His ability to charm, enflame, coerce and manipulate is right up there with Mitchum's Harry Powell in The Night of the Hunter but with a decidely more modern turn.

The Bastard Hand manages to stay true to it's noir inspirations while seasoning the story with the possibility of the supernatural or quite possibly the delusions of a madman. Absolutely recommended.

Available from Amazon (QP and Kindle) as well as Barnes and Noble.

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